Robin Wood / Carving Axe

Robin Wood

$ 67.00


The Robin Wood Axe is a great carving tool for beginners and experienced carves alike.  This axe comes razor sharp out of the box.  

The heads are of very good quality and are drop forged abroad (read China) but ground and honed by Brian Alcock the last professional grinder in Sheffield, England. The handles are hickory and Robin has them made in the UK to his specifications.  They have a good grip due to the rippled texture and are treated with linseed oil. They also make a great axe for bushcraft or camp use. The weight of the head is 500g and the total weight 760g (1lb 11oz), handle length is 13.5″ (34cm). This is a good weight and size of axe but is still heavy enough to remove wood quickly.

 I recently picked up three of these axes, new, from a close friend and local carver.  They meet a great need I have for an affordable carving axe.  One of these axes found a home in my personal use collection.  The other two I am making available for sale.  

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