Morakniv / Companion / Heavy Duty / Military Green


$ 21.00

Companion Heavy Duty is a powerful tool for bushcrafters, hunters and outdoor people.

For batoning the knife needs great strength requirements. The Companion Heavy Duty is recommend with its three-layer injection molding and the little blunter edge angle 27 ° for maximum sharpness and resistance (default is otherwise 23 °).

Even the Bushcraft Black and Orange have the thicker (3.2 mm) blade with 27 ° edge angle. These knives will not let you down!

The knife has an extra large ergonomic handle with a soft high friction grip. The knife has a blade of 3.2 mm thick carbon steel with high load capacity. The classic scandi grind combined with high quality carbon steel makes the knife easy to resharpen. Orange plastic sheath with a belt clip. 

Knife with 3.2 mm Carbon Steel blade

Blade Thickness: 3.2 mm
Blade Length: 104 mm
Total Length: 224 mm
Net Weight: 0.1350 kg

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