Morakniv / Wood Carving 122

Morakniv / Wood Carving 122


$ 18.00

Woodcarving knife with a thin,
tapered blade for chip carving. Oiled
birchwood handle. Black plastic

*This appears to be the same blank as the 120 model with the flat side sharpened in stead of the curve.  The straight blade makes the 122 one the best short whittling knives I have around the shop.  Just think before you put your thumb on the "back" or spine of the knife.  I use both the 120 and 122 on a regular basis.  I mark the handle of my 122.

Length: 2.2"
(56 mm)
Thickness: 0.11"
(2.7 mm)
Steel: Laminated
Weight: 2.3 oz. (67 g)

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